Saturday, August 16, 2008

We went to Parkland Yesterday

This is me when we went to Parkland yesterday. Well, as the result of our trip to parkland college yesterday it went well. My husband has registered already to go to parkland college this fall. He is going to take one semester this fall for his teaching job and hopefully I can go back to school too with my husband. I have an appointment next thursday for a compass test and hopefully I can pass it. But, if not I'm just going to take ESL classes to improve my skills until I'm ready to take a regular classes. Well, it's going to take so very long and we need some money to pay for my school. That's why we're going to apply for FAFSA to pay for my school as possible.

Anyway, my score when I took the compass test before was 230 but I failed because they needed me to get a 240 score before I can start getting a degree. But, if I can't pass the compass test next week it's ok for me because I really don't feel like I'm ready to get a degree anyway. Certainly, my problem is my english it's still not very good and I'm scared to take a regular classes. I think I should not be afraid though because they won't let me take a regular classes if they think my english is not good enough hahaha. Ok guys, till here na muna..have a good day.

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