Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The result of my compass ESL test

I finally took the compass ESL test on thursday and here's the result 240. LOL...well I got the score they wanted me to have but the problem is I couldn't get 80 score each area. If I got 80 score each area I probably can start to go to college ESL.

But since I couldn't get 80 score each area I can just go to high school ESL which is we don't like to do because according to my husband high school ESL is just like the ESL I have took before when the first time I came here. So, I probably cant go back to school unless they'll let me take the college ESL. So, we'll see we don't know what to do for sure yet. Perhaps I'll retake the test or go to another school in Warrensburg where my husband is working as a teacher. Anyway, I have a lot to do waiting for me so bye for now. Take care.

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