Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thanks to God and to PPP

I was so very happy last night when I saw and know that this blog of mine was approved on PPP. I submitted it yesterday and what a beautiful thing they approved it at the same day I submitted it to them. Thanks to God and to PPP who approved my blog so quickly appreciate it a lot. Hugs and kisses muah.

Now, I have three blogs going which is good because I really need to build my savings back up. I have been trying hard to save some money by PPP and so far I just saved $2,000. But this $2,000 is not on my hand now because I sent it to my parents last night to pay for the down payment on the house. It's ok though because I like them to have a house too in the city. I'm just hopping somehow I can build my savings back up as soon as possible.

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