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Friday, July 25, 2008

We went fishing

Today we had so much fun because we went fishing and I caught 3 fish. One big catfish and two sunfish. I like their catfish here because it's yellow color with orange and purple tail. It's a attractive fish, the sunfish is just look like tilapia the same look and the same color. But, the catfish here is different color with our catfish in pinas. In pinas it's black color. It's ashamed we're going to cook and eat the attractive catfish and sunfish hahaha.

My husband and Aaron was with us but they're not in the picture because I couldn't think to take pic's of them. I was busy fishing and my husband took that pic's of me and Sarah. I think today was my lucky day of fishing because I caught all that 3 fish all by myself. My husband couldn't catch any because he watched our kids most of the time hohoho. Anyway, it's gonna be our first time to cook and eat the fish from the lake. So, hopefully it will turn out good and ok to e

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