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Monday, July 21, 2008

The new look of our river

This is now the new look of our river in the Philippines. This is the river I used to go before for swimming, wash our clothes, go fishing and etc. I like this river it's nice. Actually, I like both the river and ocean they're beautiful. In the river we could catch fish, crabs, and shrimps maybe also in the ocean we could catch the same. But I think the ocean contains a lot of seafood's compared than the river right?

Right now the river looks so small and very shallow because it's not rainy season there yet. But during rainy season it would grow very big and deep until we can't go across the river. Once the river is very big and deep we need to have a raft or skyline to ride in order to cross the river and go to the village. Riding a raft or skyline is kind of scary and dangerous but we did not have a choice we don't have a bridge on our river. But, thanks to God we're all safe and alive until now.

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