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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I saw a snake on our porch

Shot 1

Shot 2
Last night before I went to bed I opened our front door and looked at the porch. See if there's anything left outside. But guess what I saw I saw a snake on our porch under our chair yaiks. It was just a small snake color brown and black so I wasn't scared when I saw it. I even took pictures of it two shots hohohooo. Sarah was in bed already and it was only Aaron and I who were awake. I was holding Aaron when I opened the door and saw the snake. Aaron is still too young and of course he wasn't scared or know what was it. Maybe he thought it was just a piece of stick under our chair nagabalibod lol. I put and left Aaron in our house when I took pictures of the snake. But, I came back in as quick as I could. Then, I called my husband and told him I saw a snake on our porch. He asked me what color and how big? I said just a small snake color brown and black. I asked him if he wants me to kill the snake he said no just leave him/her alone they're not dangerous as long as they are outside the house. This morning I showed him the pictures of the snakes and he said it wasn't dangerous or poisonous snake it was just a garden snake. But for me snakes are dangerous especially if they're big and if you step on them. I'm sure they'll bite and kill people. I didn't kill the snake I saw on our porch last night I just took pictures of him/her. Glad he/she did not stay longer on our porch. He/she went away maybe after I took pic's and came back in he house because after I came back in the house I called and talked to my husband and when I checked our porch again the snake was already gone.

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