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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good news

We're so glad to hear the good news about the house that it's finally got approved. Thanks to God for answering all our prayers for my family back home to have a house in the city. I tell you they're all so very happy and thankful to us and Sis.Ana for buying them a house. I know with God's help we did it, and thank you so much Lord for your help. Love you.

My sisters and brother are so very busy right now cleaning the house because they want to move in as soon as they're done cleaning the house. As for my parents they're busy preparing the papers with their lawyer. It won't take so long then everything will be done because all they need to do is to pay the house and sign the papers certify that they're now the owner of the house. OK till next time this all I could tell you for now night.

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